Major Characters

Ed Kennedy
- Main Character and Narrator of the story. He hasn't achieved anything especially compared to his little brother who is a successful college student. His only job is a cab driver and he had to lie about his age in order to be able to get it. He hasn't married and even though he is only 19 it doesn't look like he is ever going to achieve anything in his life. Although he is a failure he keeps hoping for a better life and hopes to get a better life someday. He is a stargazer but also realizes that the present is important and that some things are just fantasies. He wants to make his mother proud and achieve something in his life but he also loves his friend Audrey and just wants her to love him back for once. After he helps stop a bungled bank robbery, he starts to recieve aces in the mail. They all have hints or names in varying ways and they lead him to people that he can help. Some of the cards are easier than others but they all test his caring and bravery in different forms. As the cards get more personal and he has to help out his friends as well he gets to understand why they act how they act and why they do what they do. It helps him to get to know people better and their deeper secrets, sometimes welcomed, sometimes not.

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Audrey- A fellow cabdriver even though just like Ed she is too young to legally drive a taxi. Oftentimes she has to resolve the conflicts that often arise in a group of young men. She has had trust issues thanks to some bad past experiences. While she has plenty of boyfriends she refuses to actually let herself get close to anyone because she is afraid that if she loves someone that she will lose them or they will hurt her. The only man she really cares for is Ed but she is afraid that if she does start to love him their friendship will end. As one of the final people that Ed must help, he shows her that she can trust people and that not everyone that she cares for is going to hurt her in the end.

Ritchie- Ritchie is the laid-back carefree one in the group. However, he takes laid-back way too far as he doesn't have a care in the world but also doesn't have job or any outlook. He has a very opposite point of view than Ed, doesn't want to try to change his future because to him whatever is going to happen is going to happen no matter what he does. When Ed helps him he get to show him that he can do something with his life just like Ed has started to and how much more fulfilling that type of life is then his previous one. Ritchie manages to try to turn around his life and ends up looking for a job and trying to get his own apartment.

Marv- Marv, for reasons later outlined, is a constant money miser, and also the group grump. He is the first to get mad even if it doesn't truly matter to him, he finds pleasure in trying to pick a fight. However, he still manages to get along fairly well when he decides to. He stores up all his cash because he wants to help take care of his illegitamite child who was moved away from him. When Ed helps him he gives him support as he goes to confront his girlfriends dad and see what he has been avoiding for so long. Afterwards, he is a lot kinder especially to Ed because he respects him for doing this for not only him but many other people that he has been getting on the playing cards.

All four of these characters are close friends and get together almost every day and play poker.

Minor Characters

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Suzanne Boyd
- Marv's past girlfriend and mother of his child. She cares about Marv but was forced to move away by her dad who sees the child as a disgrace.
Milla- An elderly woman who has been awaiting the return of her husband from world war II. Ed is similar to her long dead husband who she has remained true to for all these years. He gives her the comfort of seeing him a couple more times.
Sophie- A teenage runner who is struggling with her confidence because there is another faster runner and both their dads are very competitive and she feels like she is disappointing her dad
Thomas O'Reilly- Pastor who is struggling to keep his congregation going even though he works as hard as possible to save them. He sacrifices to keep teaching and lifes amongst his congregation when he could leave and get a better job because he cares about his people.
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Mr. Edgar Street
- This is not really his name but that is all Ed knows him by. He beats his wife every night and Ed has to stop him. He shows him what true fear is like and what his wife has to go through everynight, the fear of being powerless. Although he is supposed to kill him with the gun provided he decides to only spook the man into leaving town.
Angie- Poor single mother who never is able to do anything for herself but slaves to help her kids. Ed buys her an ice cream to show that she is appreciated and that inspires her children to think about all that she does for them.
Gavin Rose- Rebellious teenage boy who needs help in order to stop the fighting with his brother. Ed's job is to beat up Gavin and then have his brother come to the rescue so that they can see that they care about each other.
His final four people to help out are his three poker friends and then finally himself